[STATION] Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Milky Way' Live Video - Our Beloved BoA #4

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Red Velvet's new single "Milky Way" is out!!
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[STATION] Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Milky Way' Live Video - Our Beloved BoA #4 ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT

  • 0:26 JOY ♥️

    Strawberry Lips 幸せになるStrawberry Lips 幸せになる6 小时 前
  • Wendy eating everyone up on her first day back at work omfg

    K MK M10 小时 前
  • That's my 5 Queens.💓💛💙💚💜

    Chen AlmazanChen Almazan10 小时 前
  • She's joy and she's my joy

  • desperately need their comeback ಥ_ಥ

    Rara AurelliaRara Aurellia天 前
  • That interaction at @2:59 😭

    sophistica2ssssophistica2sss天 前
  • Please bring my happiness back :

    Wheeka ChuWheeka Chu天 前
  • Red Velvet i'm really miss you🥺🥺

    Jungwoo SnooopyJungwoo Snooopy2 天 前
  • This is so pretty

    MSWMSW2 天 前
  • i miss them so much

    Jean LawrenceJean Lawrence2 天 前
  • Luvies let's break the record again by reaching 100M for Monster before RV comeback, we need 4M again! 💗💛💙💚💜

    Purple Crown 97Purple Crown 972 天 前

    Exo-LExo-L2 天 前
  • 2.4k people didn't know about harmonization

    JDJD3 天 前
  • Red Velvet

    ae baexxtaaae baexxtaa3 天 前
  • 너무 멋있어요, 언제든지들어도좋아, 너무빛나고,반짝반짝😆😍🤩🥺🌟✨

    sera misera mi4 天 前
  • omg i'm still crying of this video looking at wendy

    Bella lalalalalaBella lalalalala4 天 前
  • Red Velvet please ing BOA starry night.

    Lord WaterLord Water4 天 前

    Angel DreamAngel Dream4 天 前
  • Joy tearing up awwww

    Angel DreamAngel Dream4 天 前
  • awww you know how happy the girls are to sing with wendy!! they all looked at wendy in the beginnning my heartttt 😭💜 SMM Please new song with 0T5!!!

    Angel DreamAngel Dream4 天 前
  • Maravilhosas vozes perfeita harmonia lindas 💘

    Márcia MáàMárcia Máà5 天 前
  • 6 653 564

    Xixi ZiziXixi Zizi6 天 前
  • Irene: Prettiest Idol and one of the best rapper Sm can ever have Seulgi: The best Idol of Sm who slayed curly hair Wendy: Best Idol of Sm who slayed short hair Joy: One of the cutest Idol Sm can ever have Yeri: One of the best rapper Sm can ever have Red Velvet: The best girl group Sm can ever have Mark my words Sm! Or you might regret it later! Btw are you (Yeah you if you are reading this comment) a BLACKPINK fan?

    Nahreen Farzana HussainNahreen Farzana Hussain6 天 前
  • Red velvet queen of concept, queen of vocal, queen of visual, queent of talent. Love red velvet so much

    Riska AsriRiska Asri7 天 前
  • I hope that they will comeback as five (Red Velvet) and they dont give up on their group just like what Apink did.

    Midnight BlackMidnight Black7 天 前
  • I miss them I love this cover so much

    Mariel TanyagMariel Tanyag7 天 前
  • This song and video will always be special for luvies

    YRYR7 天 前
  • Seriously they should do a collaboration version with BoA

    Cesar NoelCesar Noel7 天 前
  • Red Velvet

    ae baexxtaaae baexxtaa8 天 前
  • where are you girls? we miss you so much

    Y RY R8 天 前
  • 진짜 아름다워 보석같다... 공주들이 오전에 티파티하는것같애........

    바미사랑해바미사랑해8 天 前
  • It’s so crazy how their individual tones are so unique yet their voices blend so effortlessly with one another.. like they’re so in tune as a group and you can tell they’re enjoying it and having fun

    jeremy valdezjeremy valdez8 天 前
  • Healing

    zed.k.zed.k.8 天 前
  • The unisound feels like im in a witch convention 😍 1:24

    zed.k.zed.k.9 天 前
  • When Wendy sing again they all smiled0:50

    zed.k.zed.k.9 天 前
  • my lullaby this station

    zed.k.zed.k.9 天 前
  • Red velvet harmony and success at live vocalls

    zed.k.zed.k.9 天 前
  • The set design is so pretty and aesthetic. The production team needs a raise. It looks like such a fun set to design too

    류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・9 天 前
  • angels

    reveluv exolreveluv exol9 天 前
  • Red Velvet is five.

    aymparrotaymparrot10 天 前
  • SMRookies girl do better than RVV

    Tiktoker ChannelTiktoker Channel10 天 前
    • 🖕🤮blackpink🤮🖕

      Woolley EmmanuelWoolley Emmanuel2 天 前
  • Since they released this we were talking abt potential ot5 come back and now 2021we didn't get it. SM???

    sappysappy11 天 前
  • Its amazing how they can control their harmonization and how it will sound. Noticed that Irene didn't join the harmonization at 1:10 and minus Yeri singing the main line for their sound to be higher (since yerene sang the lower notes in the harmonization). They did the same at 2:03 and 2:54 but vice versa, this time Irene sang the main line and Yeri not joining the harmonization for it to sound higher. (Team Rocket doing the harmonies) Now at 2:34, their harmonies sounded lower right? Its like the harmonies became calm and cool. Its because Wendy didn't join the harmonization while Seulgi was singing the main line. It was only Joy (middle note) Yeri and Irene (lower notes) doing the harmonization. (They did the same at 3:04, this time, Wendy singing the main line). Lastly, at 3:18, Joy was singing the main and the other four girls harmonized. (Two lower notes and two higher notes) At 3:21, Joy joined the harmonization and that's when you've heard one of the best harmonizations in kpop :)) It sounded so nice, Red Velvet best idol group alive istg.

    i must defend red velvet on the interneti must defend red velvet on the internet11 天 前
  • irene miss her so much

    sofitria ayu qhoirun nisasofitria ayu qhoirun nisa12 天 前
  • we miss u

    wasted enzymewasted enzyme13 天 前
  • I miss them so much

    Yeri Best GirlYeri Best Girl13 天 前
  • No autotune, just pure live angelic voices. You can definitely hear the rawness of the mic of this performance. Harmony at its finest! 😍

    Jhela CeballosJhela Ceballos14 天 前
  • This is a great combination

    Trân HuỳnhTrân Huỳnh14 天 前
  • Luvies let's break the record again by reaching 200M for Peek A Boo before RV comeback, we need 1M again! 💗💛💙💚💜 cnfrom.info/ex/nKV7mWR7hGuNnW0/sh-p-n.html

    Purple Crown 97Purple Crown 9714 天 前
  • Çok özledim sizi

    RED VELVET Best ggRED VELVET Best gg14 天 前
  • Wow

    Rumah AufiRumah Aufi15 天 前
  • They harmonized so well

    Rumah AufiRumah Aufi15 天 前
  • Irene beauty is not real

    Rumah AufiRumah Aufi15 天 前

    Chloe Ysabel MakasiarChloe Ysabel Makasiar15 天 前
  • Wendy was still 8 months away from the birth of LIKE WATER.

  • 10m💜💙💚♥️💛

    basantillan majmajbasantillan majmaj16 天 前
  • ot5"I need you~" Me: I need you too red velvet~

    Nahreen Farzana HussainNahreen Farzana Hussain16 天 前
  • isimbulamadım ʕ•ᴥ•ʔisimbulamadım ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ16 天 前
  • seulgi unique voice should displayed in museum

    Darwin WattersonDarwin Watterson17 天 前
  • The harmonies and their smiles... i will never get over them

    JamieJamie17 天 前
  • I'm not an Reveluv but I have to say this; every member in Red Velvet is an main vocalist when it comes to harmonization (╥╯∇╰╥)ง

    azkaazeyliaazkaazeylia17 天 前
  • Red Velvet

    ae baexxtaaae baexxtaa17 天 前
  • Irene's voice freaking takes me to heaven

    Nahreen Farzana HussainNahreen Farzana Hussain18 天 前
  • Good Harmonies. I like groups that have individual hormonies like the OG groups like SES and Fin. K. L.

    Cesar NoelCesar Noel19 天 前
  • there may come many group but no one can harmonize like Redvelvet Omg just listen their harmonization

    Rashmi MagarRashmi Magar19 天 前
  • Best idol group alive

    Rashmi MagarRashmi Magar19 天 前
  • I swear Joy has the cutest voice in the world! Is she for real? I would never shut up if I had that voice

    Caro SerufuliCaro Serufuli19 天 前

    inmy heartwithinmy heartwith19 天 前
  • I always comeback here when I’m having a bad day . Ty red velvet

    Once a Reveluv Orbit Insomnia Cheshire ForeverOnce a Reveluv Orbit Insomnia Cheshire Forever20 天 前
  • God their voices blended so well just like their senior snsd

    Gian MalicseGian Malicse20 天 前
  • I miss my gurls

    Kai KimKai Kim21 天 前
  • their harmonized voices make me feel like in heaven

    Desiree MaganzaDesiree Maganza21 天 前
  • This is so cute 😊💗💗💗

    4510 Pawar Shubhangi4510 Pawar Shubhangi21 天 前
  • 😭🤍

    Firrar AyuFirrar Ayu21 天 前
  • 나는 무대에서 너희들을 너무 그리워.

    Luvies JjangLuvies Jjang22 天 前
  • red velvet best idol group alive.

    Y RY R22 天 前
  • I missed my cake girls so much. 😭

    UaenaLuvieUaenaLuvie22 天 前
  • Ah my loves ❤️💛💙💚💜

    Marina leffyMarina leffy22 天 前
  • 이렇게 살아가다 평생을 함께하고 싶은 사람이 생겨도, 자신보다 더 사랑하는 가족이 생겨도, 가끔 이렇게 5명이서 웃으며 노래 불러주면 그걸로 될 거 같아. 장말 많이 사랑해 항상 건강하고 행복하자

    하이웨이하이웨이23 天 前
  • We need the Recording Behind of this, SM!!!

    Marie ToniMarie Toni23 天 前
  • Red Velvet

    ae baexxtaaae baexxtaa23 天 前
  • Dh 7 bulan yg lalu aja, perasaan baru kemarin dirilis:'))

    dptrwd_dptrwd_23 天 前
  • really like listening their harmonization and back vocals👍

    Bella lalalalalaBella lalalalala23 天 前
  • Best gg

    Ramilə QuliyevaRamilə Quliyeva24 天 前
  • Without the lost piece of puzzle (Wanda) Red Velvet and Reveluvs would not be complete.

    Nobu YoutaNobu Youta24 天 前
  • Best GG!

    Dian LestariningsihDian Lestariningsih24 天 前
  • 콘서트에서 라이브로 듣고싶다 조이목소리 유니크해

    성이름성이름24 天 前
  • joy's voice is so unique

    jungcockjungcock24 天 前
  • I miss my girls so much :((

    Kang SeulgiKang Seulgi24 天 前
  • red velvet perfect gruop ever

    ailurophile rinsailurophile rins24 天 前
  • i miss you guys a lot

    t lt l24 天 前
  • the way joy looks at wendy with a smile that was so genuine.

    LyksLyks25 天 前
  • miss u guys 💗💛💙💚💜

    Firdani NovantyFirdani Novanty25 天 前
  • Red Velvet is definitely up there on the list when it comes to groups with distinct sounds. Like you can tell which group is singing when you hear all of them harmonizing together, unlike other groups they have good vocalists but they don't have a GROUP SOUND that stands out from lots of idol groups that debuted. Their agencies just chose who is good at what individually and putting them together without even thinking about the big picture which is their GROUP. "Great you are good at singing, main vocalist! Cool rap okay you're the main rapper! You have clean and powerful moves you'll be the main dancer!" I'm glad Red Velvet isn't like that and that they have everything I could ask for when it comes to music. If stans are really in kpop for talent and music, everyone would have stanned Red Velvet, they got songs for every genre!

    kelly shinkelly shin25 天 前
  • 🥰🥰🥰

  • 상반기 안에 완전체 컴백한다고 했고 너희들이 화보 인터뷰에서 곧 돌아온다고 해줘서 기다리고 있어❤️💛💙💚💜 우리 레베럽들은 언제나 너희들 옆에서 든든하게 힘이 되줄테니까 너희들은 우리 그리고 대중들 앞에서 평생 노래해줘😍 그리고 너희들 건강이 최우선이니까 힘들면 팬들한테 힘들다고 말해도 돼. 비 온 뒤 땅이 굳듯이 작년에 사건 사고 많았던 레드벨벳과 레베럽들은 앞으로 우리가 함께할 모든 시간들이 즐겁고 행복했으면 좋겠어😊 앞으로는 공인으로서 행동 하나하나 조심하고 늘 겸손한 레드벨벳 되자😋 사랑하고 늘 옆에서 기다리고 응원해줄게 현곰완둥옒 영원하자 뽀에버❤️💛💙💜💚

    뿌뿌뿌뿌26 天 前
  • Joy is pretty

    Xiomi RedmiXiomi Redmi26 天 前
  • i miss ot5 red velvet so much

    Chryss FloresChryss Flores26 天 前
  • So this is heaven?

    eiroleirol26 天 前
  • as melhores ninguém acima delas kk

    bets bbets b26 天 前