[STATION] MAX CHANGMIN 최강창민 'All That Love' MV

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MAX CHANGMIN's new single "All That Love" is out!
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  • I noticed his voice being exceptional at culture humanity and acknowledged his name via comment responder. Thanks all

    Anka MongoliaAnka Mongolia11 天 前
    • He is a member of duo legendary group TVXQ please check them out

      Emy ChicaEmy Chica8 天 前
  • He doesn’t have AirPods? 🧐

    LPTVLPTV14 天 前
  • bg ganteng kalii

    Davee AnggaraDavee Anggara16 天 前
  • still my number 1 comfort song since the day it got released

    TS 97TS 9718 天 前
  • miss u

    ন // Nন // N21 天 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun23 天 前
  • 一生懸命作詞がんばっていますね❗

    野内仁美野内仁美24 天 前
  • This song was on TV and I didn't realize it's Changmin. I'm a new fan, btw. I started stanning TVXQ few months ago, I know, I'm really late.. And now I am shocked to know it was Changmin.

    bigbang5cravityBTOBbigbang5cravityBTOB25 天 前
    • @김난영 thank you :)

      bigbang5cravityBTOBbigbang5cravityBTOB25 天 前
    • Welcome and congratulations on becoming a new fan.

      김난영김난영25 天 前
  • Still listening everyday. Love this song and his voice

    Christa GraberChrista Graber26 天 前
  • My fav songggg

    Nur FaezzahNur Faezzah个月 前
  • ✨✨🤗

    Natii ShimNatii Shim个月 前
  • Max love gay hello poland i'm kiss mi

    Piotrek ZalewskiPiotrek Zalewski个月 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun个月 前
  • 力強い声から繊細な声まで、高音から低音まで、ダンス曲からバラードまで、様々な姿を見せてくださることに感謝ですね。☺️🎶

    NarumiNarumi个月 前
  • Listening to this song and making scenarios in my mind that Im having a break up 😂😭

    A STARA STAR个月 前
  • What am i supposed to do ?

    Samah AbuqdaisSamah Abuqdais个月 前
  • Oh my father! Lyrical euphoria! Ahhhhhh....goosebumps!

    Melissa BeeMelissa Bee个月 前
  • 가사 진짜 너무 좋아서 .. 심창민 가사 더 많이 써줘라 ㅠㅠ 커버곡 언제 줄거야

    창민이영상올리는계정창민이영상올리는계정个月 前
  • なんてかわいいのだろう

    Ryo MAEDARyo MAEDA个月 前
  • Beautiful

    Samah AbuqdaisSamah Abuqdais个月 前
  • Очень трогательный клип, красивая песня

    Руфина СадыковаРуфина Садыкова个月 前
  • Tiny LoveTiny Love2 个月 前
  • 진짜 이 노래는 많은 사람들이 들어야 된다구...🥲 오빠의 잔잔하고 달달한 목소리.. 우리 창민오빠 고음도 최고지만 담백한 발라드 노래도 진짜 좋아요..많이많이 들어주세요❤️

    이정은이정은2 个月 前
  • Hi oppa changmin tvxq😍

    Brittney SandersBrittney Sanders2 个月 前
  • I listen to this everyday... this song is really good tho i am a new cassie >

    Bidan mayBidan may2 个月 前
  • 450.000✨💜😊changmin

    a. sohyuna. sohyun2 个月 前
  • 직접 쓴 가사를 이런 목소리로 부르시면 반칙이죠 ㅜ 라이브 무대 줘라줘

    일단올려일단올려2 个月 前
  • Miss you Changmin.. ❤❤❤❤

    Mo JiBamMo JiBam2 个月 前
  • チャンミンお誕生日おめでとうございます🎉🎂💐

    みほみほみほみほ2 个月 前
  • 🎉🎉Happy Birthday Changmin 💕💕

    Gard CGard C2 个月 前
  • Happy birthday Changmin oppa ❤️ Wish you the best this year #AllThatLove_for_Changmin #사랑동이_창민아_생일축하해

    Chi LinhChi Linh2 个月 前
  • Happy Birthday king 🥳

    HananHanan2 个月 前
  • I'm a little late but completely in love with this song. Happy birthday, Changmin

    Alessandra.Alessandra.2 个月 前
  • Happy birthday 🎉✨

    Yovita ChristinYovita Christin2 个月 前
  • Happy 33rd Birthday Changmin-ah 💗 210218

    Joan xoJoan xo2 个月 前
  • Happy birthday my role model. I'm trying my best to be a fan like you wish me to be :)

    Humairah humairahHumairah humairah2 个月 前
  • Happy birthday 🍑

    just someonejust someone2 个月 前
  • 440.000 💜CHANGMIN😊

    a. sohyuna. sohyun2 个月 前
  • So Beautiful!!

    Sara PerezSara Perez2 个月 前
  • Te extraño Changmin T_T

    Akira LawlietAkira Lawliet2 个月 前
  • Doyoung recommended this! He said it was refreshing and it really is💖 I’m loving this song it’s such a masterpiece SM FAM is the best🥺💗

    prima suriptoprima suripto2 个月 前
  • This song is so gooood!! I already click the like button when the music start....

    Thea MargaretThea Margaret2 个月 前
  • what a beautiful song just like changmin

    Cassiopeia Sri LankaCassiopeia Sri Lanka2 个月 前
  • 430.000 ✨💜 CHANGMIN

    a. sohyuna. sohyun2 个月 前
  • Sm stations are soooooo great but soooooo underrated ugh

    cuteeyez1cuteeyez12 个月 前
  • Hoping for your success in life our Changmin

    Bella AdelaBella Adela3 个月 前
  • A great artist

    Bella AdelaBella Adela3 个月 前
  • 진지하게 SM에 project idea드립니다. 창민 × 부활 김태원님으로 록발라드 곡 하나 내는 유투브 콘텐츠 뽑고 창민님 록발라드 미니 앨범 어떨까요 ㅠ ㅠ 창민님 목소리는 정말 락에 특화되어있어요. 일본콘서 부른 X japan 노래들 지금도 찾아 듣고 있습니다. 좋은 곡 만나면 레전드 남길 것 같아요.

    캣초딩루이맘루씨캣초딩루이맘루씨3 个月 前
  • チャンミン、最高❤️大好きだよ😍

    M NM N3 个月 前
  • 420.000 ✨💜

    a. sohyuna. sohyun3 个月 前
  • 이런노래로 컴백좀요 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 창민이음색이 이리좋은데,,,, ㅜㅜ

    제제제제3 个月 前
  • どうしていつまでも赤ちゃんみたいな感じなの、?年取らない、?🥺

    いずみ茶いずみ茶3 个月 前
  • Changmin's voice is a treasure.

    Caroline TVXQ!Caroline TVXQ!3 个月 前
  • 😍😍😍 i love the song

    may m.lotfimay m.lotfi3 个月 前
  • 410.000✨💜

    a. sohyuna. sohyun3 个月 前
  • 땡큐 보다 여기까지 와버렸다....

    pong_pongpong_pong3 个月 前
  • Eng sub please?

    Ang LAng L3 个月 前
  • 노래 진짜 좋다... 뮤비도 너무 예쁘고ㅠㅠㅠ창민이는 뭐 한결같이 잘생겼고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    TVXQ berrypeachTVXQ berrypeach3 个月 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun3 个月 前
  • チャンミンの声大好き〜🥰

    maki smaki s3 个月 前
  • Jessica CruzJessica Cruz3 个月 前
  • Te extraño mucho Changmin T_T

    Akira LawlietAkira Lawliet3 个月 前
  • this song deserves so many more views!! fighting!! :) :)

    Eva de la TorreEva de la Torre3 个月 前
  • 素敵な曲をありがとうございます!

    hituji roadhituji road3 个月 前
  • 400.000 🎵🎵🎵👍️👍️👍️

    emi 88emi 883 个月 前
  • So happy I support for a man like wine. The older he is, the better he is. This song comforts me a lot. Thank you, Changmin ❤️

    Chi Lê Thị LinhChi Lê Thị Linh3 个月 前
  • Beautiful song

    MelcjayMelcjay3 个月 前
  • Changmin

    MelcjayMelcjay3 个月 前
  • 동방신기 2인으로 나와주세요 ㅠㅠㅠ 결혼추카드려용♡♡♡♡

    미미밍미미밍3 个月 前
  • GO!! 400,000!!!

    Norh ShinkiNorh Shinki3 个月 前
  • this mv sums up my quarantine mood

    Sarah sSarah s3 个月 前
  • this video deserves more views, like a lot more

    Bella pnhBella pnh3 个月 前
  • Daebak!

    Eszee ZeeEszee Zee3 个月 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun3 个月 前
  • 💓💓💓💓

    K EK E3 个月 前
  • i wish it had english subtitles...

    hurricanehurricane3 个月 前
  • like that beat and flow.

    hurricanehurricane3 个月 前
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Ana MartínezAna Martínez3 个月 前
  • So Beautiful! Thank you Changmin!

    Sara PerezSara Perez3 个月 前
  • I like voice changmin,finish his song many long time wait,thank you changmin,wish always happyness with new family and God bless you and wife

    Leony LidyaLeony Lidya3 个月 前
  • Sounds: 🍭🍩🍪🍬🧁🍫 Lyrics: 🥺🥺💔💔💔😭😭

    HananHanan3 个月 前
  • So Beautiful !!

    Sara PerezSara Perez3 个月 前
  • I miss you ㅠ

    Norh ShinkiNorh Shinki3 个月 前
  • I want to hear this next solo song soon❤️

    cha mincha min3 个月 前
    • Same, but we should support Yunho cb first^^

      just someonejust someone3 个月 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun3 个月 前
  • 영원히 내 최애

    에몽에몽에몽에몽3 个月 前
  • Changmin oppa!!! I love you!!!! You are so funny and witty as an intellectual, handsome and talented as an idol. I really adore you a lot and I wish for all the best for you

    Zhaoxin LuZhaoxin Lu4 个月 前
  • Great song! Thank you Changmin!

    Josiane TremblayJosiane Tremblay4 个月 前
  • 행복하세요!

    LL4 个月 前
  • I love this MV. All of it. Music, his voice, the color, the scene,... Just love all of it. Thanks for giving us this song for autume and winter, Changmin. Hope that all of us won't be lonely in this cold weather.

    Chi LinhChi Linh4 个月 前
  • Relaxing and healing in its own way

    Your HikariYour Hikari4 个月 前

    a. sohyuna. sohyun4 个月 前
  • Love uu

    Tae EulTae Eul4 个月 前

    Norh ShinkiNorh Shinki4 个月 前
  • Te amooooooo

    Sabrina nini loverSabrina nini lover4 个月 前
  • Ya un mes de este hermoso00000000000 temaaa@@@@...q lindaAAAAAA vozZZZ..

  • SM you should learn to put eng subtitles to music videos girl wake up.

    Jaeyou KimJaeyou Kim4 个月 前
  • 창민오빠 진짜 잘생겼어..♥️ 동방신기 영원히

    백이백이4 个月 前
  • 很适合当下听的歌

    eighteen cuprumeighteen cuprum4 个月 前
  • At the beginning his phone says LTE! Only a rich person would be on data lol

    Mirm the WormMirm the Worm4 个月 前